Dorado Oceanfront Beach House Rental - 113-C Ext Kennedy Dorado, Puerto Rico

The Island of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has many activities and you will never be bored. we have 
beaches all around the beach house within easy walking distance. 

There is the surfer beachone block West of us and there is the "eye of the bull" lagoon which is two blocks east. 

They call Puerto Rico the 'tropical New York'. Plaza las Americas is a 
world class mall with 300 stores including Sears, Pennys & Macys, the mall is only about a 20 minute drive from our beach house. 

The highway system on the island is great. Puerto Rico has modern roads & the signs are easy to follow. If you need a cab, I have info and rates. 
New Law: No Handheld Cellphone Use While Driving.

The people of Puerto Rico are very warm and friendly, they want tourists here. 
In the over 25 years that we have been going to puerto rico we have never had a 
bad experience. No one was ever even rude to us. Most people speak English and it's all American currency. You do not need a passport coming from the states and there is gambling at the big hotels in San Juan and other cities plus Dorado.
A lot of history and charm make Puerto Rico what it is... A beautiful paradise. Pick up a good map at Walgreens & take a ride thru the mountains, It is awesome. 

From Dorado to Ponce it takes about 3 hours but do not go at night, there are too many drop offs and you can not appreciate the magnificent views. We will go through the mountains and come back by the freeway towards Caguas

Visit Rincon to watch the whales, sunset and surfers and make sure to experience the caves in Northwestern Puerto Rico. Another must see is the El Yunque National Rainforest

Spend a day on the Island Of Caluebra or Vieques on a $2 ferry. Try not to go on the weekend because you may not get on the boat, it is so busy.

Go to Old San Juan on a 50 cent ferry. Get a couple of free drinks and a tour at The Bacardi Rum factory. Go to Isle Verde & Condado, they are just like being in Miami. The Arecibo Observatory is brilliant and I could go on and on... 

At our home I have a book of things to do, Or do nothing. Just
watch the gorgeous ocean from our beach house. BarBQ, sit on our
front porch & have a margarita. Going to Puerto Rico is a real
adventure, like no where else. 

There is a joke about driving here-"In the United States they drive on the right-In St.Thomas they drive on the left-But in Puerto Rico they drive all over."

Most car rental companies here have installed AutoExpreso tags in their rental cars. They usually charge you a fee of a couple dollars per day to use the tag, in addition to the actual tolls.
Some have a 1-time charge. Some make you "activate" the tag when you pick up your car. Some charge an additional fee if you failed to activate the tag but went ahead and used it anyway. Note- if the car has an AutoExpreso tag and you use the toll roads,the toll is be charged automatically to the tag….even if you are in the Movilcash lane and pay cash.
Each of the rental companies have different policies and fees. Ask about it when you pick up your car.
Our suggestion … pay the extra couple dollars for the convenience and time-savings. It’s your vacation. Would you rather spend your time sitting on the beach or sitting in line waiting to pay a toll?

Just have a nice time.

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