Dorado Oceanfront Beach House Rental - 113-C Ext Kennedy Dorado, Puerto Rico

Frequently Asked Questions about 113c ext. Kennedy Dorado, PR 00646

1-how far are you to the San Juan airport & how long does it take?
We are 20 miles west & depending on traffic, it should take about an hour--

2-should I get a rental car?
Yes, there is no public transportation except for a cab & they would run about
$60 or more--check out for rental car prices--

3-how close is shopping to your house?
Supermax, walgreens, CVS & many more stores are about a mile & a half away-

4-what about a hospital?
A US post office & a nice hospital are a mile & a half away

5-what about a large shopping center?
There is plaza Las Americas, which has 300 stores including macy's only
About 20 minutes away--

6-how far are you from old San Juan?
We are 13 miles to the catano ferry that will take you to old San Juan for
50 cents--25 cents over 60--free if older than 75--there is parking for about
$4 in their lot but you can find street parking at the white painted curbs--

7-we heard there were free trolley's in old San Juan--is this correct?
Yes--there is a trolley stop right as you get off the ferry and a tourist information building.

8-what's the usual weather like?
85 during the day & 75 at night with trade winds blowing to keep it cool--

9-do you see a lot of dogs around?
Yes, people here generally let their dogs run free around our home--I haven't
Seen any strays lately--

10-are there bugs?
Bugs don't die due to the weather--people have to control the bug situation
Like we do--don't be alarmed if you see one or a little lizard--

11-are there roosters by your house?
Yes, about a block away--you will not hear them in the morning--

12-Are there casino's in Dorado?
There aren't casinos in Dorado but there are casinos In old San Juan, Condado & Isle Verde.

13-is there entertainment around?
Go to Condado & Isle Verde

14-are there many golf courses in Dorado?
Yes, beautiful ones, some right on the ocean--

15-many restaurants in Dorado?
Yes, lots of them, from fine dining to fast food--

16-I don't speak Spanish--is that a problem?
No, usually everyone around the tourist zones know English or can find
Someone who can help out--

17-what about the water?
Very safe--you do not need bottled water--

18-is it safe around your house?
Yes, but don't wander around anywhere at night--that would apply to anywhere
& not just Puerto Rico--I have an alarm on the house also--

19-while in your house, what if I have extra food when we are ready to leave?
    Should I throw it away?
No, it will be given to a local needy family--

20-what is the bed situation in your house?--I understand that each unit sleeps
    5 & costs $100 a night--
The main floor unit has 2 bedrooms with queen beds & a twin rollaway--
The second floor 1 bedroom has a queen bed with a full & twin rollaway--

21-what is the minimum stay?
5 nights--

22-why do you charge a $250 security deposit per unit & when do I get it back?
You get it sent back the day you leave--if you paid by check, I will pay
You back a check--if you paid by paypal, it will be sent back to your account-
I charge this because I want the house left how you found it--it's also a
Protection for you as a future guest--how would you like to have a reservation
& the house was trashed by a previous guest? Repairs don't happen quick
In Puerto Rico--also, if you needed to stay a day or 2 longer & I didn't have
Anyone coming, it would be simply deducted from the security--

23-what is your cleaning fee?
$50, $100 for excessive cleaning, determined upon inspection.

24-is there a passport required to come to Puerto Rico from the states?
No, just your drivers license--

25-anything strange about driving in Puerto Rico?
No, just like in the states--they have big modern highways & smaller roads--
They are strict on seatbelts & driving while on your cell phone--

26-is there a toll to reach Dorado from the airport?
Yes, $1.10 but you can take the ocean highway 165 with no toll--look at a map--

27-does power or water ever go out at your house?
Yes, you are in the Caribbean & things happen--if it does, it should only be
For a short time--

28-what happens if something breaks while I am there?
Just call my repair man Joe--

29-during a heavy rain will water come in?
Yes, all homes on the ocean get water--rain comes in with such force that it can't
Be helped--I work at this matter all of the time--

30-what about hot water?
We have solar at the house--no sun means no hot water, but that doesn't
Very often--

31-do you have central air?
Yes, at a big expense--all I ask is that you don't waste it, as it is very expensive--

32-if I get bit by a bug, what should I do?
Put ammonia on it--takes away the itch--do not go on the beaches at dark as
You will be bitten by no-seeums & they are real itchy--get bug spray--

33--is there anything in your house to tell me where to go?
I have a large black book of all sorts of info in each unit--

34-do you have a phone in the house?
Yes, for your convenience--you can call all over Puerto Rico but not the states--

35-do you have Internet?
Yes, wireless.

36-how about parking at your house?
There is room for 4 cars in the driveway plus street parking--

37-your it calm?
Depending on the weather--there is an always calm beach at the fishing
Village (east of the Dorado public beach) only 10 minutes away--

38-are there nude beaches?
No, the people are too religious for this--

39-unfriendly behavior?
Puerto Ricans are extremely friendly & helpful--expect to be treated well--

40-prices in the grocery stores?
Milk products are more money along with produce, than what I pay in the
States--everything else is pretty much the same prices--

41-I have someone who I want to check out the property before I book--     Is this going to be ok?
We do not offer previews--it would disturb our guests plus it would requireOur manager to meet people who we really don't know--plus she does notGet paid for this & it would require her taking herself from her busy schedule.

42-I am a fussy person--will your house live up to my expectations?You will not like our home if you are fussy--the ocean salt makes for a lot ofCorrosion & rust which is not easy to fight--we price our home to be veryAffordable because of this reason--our only problem with guests is thatThey are expecting too much for what they pay--if you are fussy, pleaseFind something more expensive--we are just a beach house & not theRitz carlton--we are for people who want to experience the real Puerto Rico& not pay a lot doing so--thanks for your understanding this situation--

I am sure I did not cover everything--feel free to call or email
Me with any question you may have--Diana 586-9778232

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